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About Us – Del Mar Packing


Del Mar Packing is a family-owned business located in the Central Valley of California. Our company is proud to be a packer and shipper of premium quality apricots, melons, and almonds.

We believe in giving our customers the highest quality produce year in and year out. Starting with our delicious Apricots in May and ending our produce season with Melons. Almonds are handled year round with new crop almond season starting each August. Our employees work hard to harvest a successful crop. Del Mar Packing handles Shelled Almonds, Fresh Market Apricots, Cantaloupes, and Honeydews.
Del Mar Packing is a firm believer and follower of Sustainable Agriculture. We believe in preserving farm land and we are a certified grower of Sustainable Agriculture. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a top priority for Del Mar Packing as we strictly evaluate and supervise each pesticide,fungicide and herbicide application.

Primus GFS Certificate

Almonds (Packing Shed)

Primus GFS Certificate

Melons (Packing Shed)

CCOF Certificates

Melons (organic melon program)

Global Gap Certificate

Apricot and Melons (Farming and Harvesting)