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Melon Varieties – Del Mar Packing

Melon Varieties


Olympic Gold Cantaloupe

Olympic gold is renowned for its consistently high brix and is perfectly adapted for performing in the San Joaquin Valley.

Olympic Gold is a medium-late maturing, main season variety with a large fruit (9s, 12s). This full-netted fruit works for fresh and fresh cut markets because of its excellent firm, crisp flesh and consistently high brix.

Gold Express Cantaloupe

Gold Express is a high-performing hybrid western shipper with excellent flavor and eating quality.

El Camino Cantaloupe

Yields large fruit (mostly 9s) with thicker flesh and good net coverage. Excellent interior quality of medium-dark flesh and medium-tight cavity.

Infinite Gold Cantaloupe

Infinite Gold cantaloupes have been bred for strong long shelf-life without sacrificing great flavor and quality. A uniform fruit with excellent firmness and Brix.

Fiji Cantaloupe

Fiji delivers the color an flavor consumers expect with a long shelf-life.

Karameza Cantaloupe

Karameza is a superior melon with uniform size and an enhanced shelf life of up to 22 days with no loss of flavor profile (Brix 14-17°) under standard controlled conditions.

Caribbean Gold Cantaloupe

Caribbean Gold's fruit quality is consistent in size, shape, and netting. Interior quality if form, and extremely sweet with a brix up to 15. Long Shelf Life Harper type, does not slip.

Caribbean King Cantaloupe

Caribbean King is a Long Shelf Life Harper variety with a light skin color. Netting is fine, uniform and secure. Seed cavity is medium- small. Flesh is slightly aromatic not too firm. Flesh firmness is maintained rather well (5 to 6). Brix% is between 12 or more in most conditions. Sizes solid 9's with some 6's and 12's.