Melon Varieties


Olympic Gold Cantaloupe

Olympic gold is renowned for its consistently high brix and is perfectly adapted for performing in the San Joaquin Valley.

Olympic Gold is a medium-late maturing, main season variety with a large fruit (9s, 12s). This full-netted fruit works for fresh and fresh cut markets because of its excellent firm, crisp flesh and consistently high brix.

Gold Express Cantaloupe

Gold Express is a high-performing hybrid western shipper with excellent flavor and eating quality.

El Camino Cantaloupe

Yields large fruit (mostly 9s) with thicker flesh and good net coverage. Excellent interior quality of medium-dark flesh and medium-tight cavity.

Infinite Gold Cantaloupe

Infinite Gold cantaloupes have been bred for strong long shelf-life without sacrificing great flavor and quality. A uniform fruit with excellent firmness and Brix.

Fiji Cantaloupe

Fiji delivers the color an flavor consumers expect with a long shelf-life.

Karameza Cantaloupe

Karameza is a superior melon with uniform size and an enhanced shelf life of up to 22 days with no loss of flavor profile (Brix 14-17°) under standard controlled conditions.

Caribbean Gold Cantaloupe

Caribbean Gold's fruit quality is consistent in size, shape, and netting. Interior quality if form, and extremely sweet with a brix up to 15. Long Shelf Life Harper type, does not slip.

Caribbean King Cantaloupe

Caribbean King is a Long Shelf Life Harper variety with a light skin color. Netting is fine, uniform and secure. Seed cavity is medium- small. Flesh is slightly aromatic not too firm. Flesh firmness is maintained rather well (5 to 6). Brix% is between 12 or more in most conditions. Sizes solid 9's with some 6's and 12's.